Piccadilly Circus

In 1930, Guinness began their long association with Piccadilly Circus. A simple advertising hoarding was used up until 1932, at which time Guinness installed one of three variations of clocks that would span the next 40 years.

For 15 years the Clock had no moving parts and proudly displayed 'Guinness Time' and 'Guinness Is Good For You - Gives You Strength', but things were about to change. In 1954, a new Clock displayed only 'Guinness Time', leaving room at the bottom for the Zookeeper and two juggling sea-lions! They juggled for 5 years but in 1959, another change took place.

A Swiss cuckoo clock with a swinging pendalum (two back-to-back toucans) was to be the last of the Piccadilly Guinness Clocks and would remain for a further 13 years, taking us up to 1972.

40 years had passed and the famous cry 'Meet me under the Guinness Clock' would be heard no more.

Take a stroll along memory lane ..........


Here are some interesting Piccadilly Circus facts:

  • In 1937 a phased traffic-light system was introduced, which is said to have replaced 13 constables!
  • At the outbreak of the Second World War, the Eros Statue was removed and sent to wartime storage facilitles in Egham. It returned in June 1947.
  • Illuminated advertisements, such as the Guinness Clock, were blacked out during the war. This regulation ended in the Spring of 1949, and on Sunday, 3rd April, the Clock once again illuminated Piccadilly Circus.