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Appraisal ID: 192963
On Behalf Of: William Goodyear
Appraised On: 24th November 2009
Item title: Carlton Ware Drayman (aka Horse and Cart).
Condition: Excellent, with no chips, cracks or other damage. Some light crazing commensurate with age.

Appraised By: Nick Fairall, Founder of the Guinness Collectors Club and recognised as an expert in the field of GUINNESS® memorabilia. Mr Fairall has run the Guinness Collectors Club since 1999, during which time he has benefited from unlimited access to the GUINNESS® Archives material. He is co-author of the book 'The Guide To Guinness Collectables published in 2009.
Appraiser Comments: The member provided 5 pictures to assist with my appraisal of this item. It is a general rule that items can never truly be authenticated over the internet but must instead be seen in-person by an expert in order to verify authenticity. However, although fakes do exist of this particular item, it is my considered opinion that the hand-painted detail, clearly visible in the pictures provided, confirms its authenticity.

The Carlton Ware Drayman, sometimes referred to as the 'Horse and Cart', was produced in 1957 and is one of the more sought-after of the Guinness/Carlton Ware pieces available to the collector.
Current Fair Market Value*: £350.00
Replacement Cost**: £500.00
All values are in Pounds Sterling.

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