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 Post subject: How I determine age of old bottle?
Posted: Tue Sep 11, 2018 6:44 pm 
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Hi. I have an old bottle of Guiness. The label has an ornate harp and a black signature. Apparently it was bottled in Liverpool. Has a “sole distributor, USA label as well. Edward & ———-? Appears to have the original trademark harp and signature. Was bottled in Liverpool - but the part of the label that says what company is missing. I’m not looking to sell ... just curious how old it is? Thanks.

PS ... just discovered that bottles were individually numbered. My bottle has a number, in red letters. It also has never been opened, still contains the original stout. I think I’ve figured it out!! It appears that my bottle is 71years old. Bottle is labeled L47, so would appear to have been bottled in Liverpool in 1947, by A. McAffee. The label still has the ‘s - which was dropped in 1953.